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Welcome to the home of #CwExperts!

Are you interested in playing the fastest possible Castle Wars games? Well, you have come to the right place! Here you will find everything you need to know about #CwExperts.

Everyone is welcome to apply to #CwExperts. If you would like to join, please read our how to join page here: http://cwexperts.org/how-to-join/.

It’s time to ditch Gold Trimmers and Castle Wars United.

If you are playing Castle Wars games with either of these Friends Chats, or any other group which uses a method other than superboosting, you are simply wasting your time.

#CwExperts has lots to offer you, including but not limited to:

  • The fastest possible Castle Wars games in RuneScape (as a group)
  • CWEBot – A custom-made IRC bot to enhance your Castle Wars experience
  • Member-only channels in which to chat and utilize CWEBot
  • A secure database for our member list; there is no public record of you joining
  • Many dedicated staff members who can answer all of your questions
  • Tons of resources including in-depth guides and social media


We highly recommend all of our members to recruit their friends to #CwExperts. If you have someone you would like to recruit, please refer them to our website. We can not advertise on the official RuneScape forums, so the best way to get the word out about #CwExperts is by word of mouth!

We have had over 500 members play games and complete their trimmed completionist cape requirements with us! If you know someone who owns a trimmed completionist cape, it is very likely that they played Castle Wars games with #CwExperts at one point.

Some players may have negative opinions about our group due to other Friends Chats falsely accusing us of things such as breaking the Rules of RuneScape and scamming our members, so be sure to inform all potential new recruits that #CwExperts is the most trusted Castle Wars group around.


We started off as a very secretive Castle Wars group under the name #Superboosters, where only those in our friend circles were invited to participate. Our main aim was to achieve the quickest possible Castle Wars games, whether it was for full profound or the professional cape, and this meant that we had to be very selective as to who we taught our strategy to in order to not jeopardize our method or become vulnerable to crashers.

However, it was clear that there was a demand for these types of games, so eventually we rebranded our group as #CwExperts and we opened our doors to all recruits.

We quickly became one of the most successful Castle Wars groups in RuneScape as our efficiency was unmatched. Over the past 5 years we have perfected our methods, expanded our organization, and we continue to thrive today!


If you have any questions about #CwExperts, you should read our frequently asked questions page here: http://cwexperts.org/faq/. If you have more important inquiries, please contact a staff member or email us at: superboosting.at.cwexperts@gmail.com.


“i hate cwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 minute games are moral rape!!!!!!!!!!”

-Salve eel, 2018

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