How To Join

Joining #CwExperts is simple, the steps you are required to follow are below. Before you attempt to join, please make sure you meet the requirements listed below, and take the time to read the rules on our rules page here: Alternatively, you may watch the Getting Started video for #CwExperts below, or on our YouTube here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to leave #CwExperts at any time, whether it’s because you finished your goals or you plan to take a lengthy break, please notify us by posting in the #retirement Discord channel. If you leave our Discord server without prior notice you will be penalized if you ever wish to rejoin. You can find more information on parting ways with #CwExperts and changing your roles on our Discord server on our retirement page here:


There are two main requirements you must meet before joining #CwExperts. These are required not only for when you join, but for the duration of your time spent with #CwExperts.

1. Alternative account with level 90+ combat

You must have an alternative account with at least level 90 combat, preferably 100-110. This is fairly simple to achieve if you’re starting from scratch, just ask other members if you’re not sure what the current best way to level up is. This account will always be on the losing team, so don’t expect to gain tickets on it as well. You may instead pay someone else to use an alternative account for you, however they also must join #CwExperts, and the deal must be worked out privately.

2. Saved Castle Wars preset

You must have a preset saved with gear from one of the recommended setups shown below. If you are not able to match any of the setups, or are a lower combat level, ask a staff member if an exception can be made for you.

Joining #CwExperts

In order to join #CwExperts you must follow the instructions below, or the ones provided to you on SwiftIRC.

#CwExperts SwiftIRC

Firstly, you must connect to the #CwExperts SwiftIRC channel. If you do not already have IRC, the recommended clients are listed below. You can find more information about these clients on our how to IRC page here:


Once you have an IRC client and you are connected to the SwiftIRC server, enter the steps below into SwiftIRC to register your account.

  1. Join the #CwExperts lobby channel
    /join #cwexperts
  2. Make it known that you are interested in joining – if you do this step you may skip all other steps on how to join and instead follow the instructions provided to you on SwiftIRC
  3. Change your nickname to your main RSN if it isn’t already
    /nick NEW_NICKNAME
  4. Register your current nickname; choose a secure password and use an email with 2step
  5. You will receive an email with a confirmation code; enter this code
    /ns confirm CODE
  6. You must now identify yourself whenever you connect to SwiftIRC; use the same password you used to register
    /ns id PASSWORD
  7. Now that you’re registered and identified, ask for an add to #CwExperts

CwExperts Friends Chat

Once you are registered, identified, and added to the #CwExperts channels on SwiftIRC, you must add your accounts to the database. Use !addAlt ALT_NAME_HERE to link your main RSN with the RSN of your level 90+ combat alt. After you have added your accounts, ask a staff member for an add to the CwExperts Friends Chat.

#CwExperts Discord server

Finally, you must join the #CwExperts Discord server by clicking “Connect” on the Discord widget below, or by using this link: You must set your nickname to your main RSN, and then ask for an add in the #cwexperts_lobby channel. Once you are given both the “#CwExperts” and “Active Members” roles, you will be able to view all other channels, including #cwexperts_games1 and #cwexperts_games2.

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