There are many members coming and going at #CwExperts, making it very difficult to keep track of everyone’s usernames and activity, so we very much appreciate it when our members help out whenever they can, and this includes even a simple “goodbye, thanks for games” to let us know that you are leaving. Below you will learn how to change your Discord roles and how to properly end your relationship with #CwExperts.

Changing Your Discord Roles

There are roles for #CwExperts members on our Discord server that you may want changed depending on your current interest in Castle Wars.

  • Active Members” – this role is used to quickly notify all active members that games are being played

-You may change this role yourself by using the commands !give Active Members or !take Active Members in the #roles channel.

  • Retired #CwExperts” – this role is used to distinguish former members who no longer play

-Normal members may be assigned this role after following the retirement policy.

  • Retired #CwExperts Staff” – this role is used to distinguish former staff members who no longer play

-Staff members may assign this role to themselves after following the retirement policy.

You may also request any staff member to assign you any other available roles that you are eligible for in the #roles channel.

Retiring From Playing Games

There comes a time when everyone finishes their Castle Wars goals and therefore may no longer wish to participate in games. Our staff members are encouraged to stay, even if they wish to retire and give up their responsibilities. However, other members may be eager to forget about Castle Wars and leave our Discord server without a word, and this could potentially cause problems.

Retirement Policy

The retirement policy is quite simple, all you must do is notify us that you will no longer be playing games and if you will be leaving our Discord server – this must be posted in the #retirement Discord channel. As long as you do this, you will keep your access to all member-only #CwExperts channels whether or not you leave our Discord server, unless requested otherwise or Friends Chat space is required. This not only helps us keep track of all current active members and clear space for the Friends Chat, but it also allows you to freely come back to play games whenever you wish.

Once successfully retired, normal members will be assigned the “Retired #CwExperts” role, and staff members will also be assigned the “Retired #CwExperts Staff” role.


If you fail to post in the #retirement Discord channel before leaving our Discord sever, we will have no choice but to remove your access to all member-only #CwExperts channels. You will also be forced to make a 250m deposit should you wish to rejoin #CwExperts in the future. This deposit will be refunded to you once you finish playing games again as long as you follow the retirement policy, otherwise you will not be refunded and your subsequent deposit will be increased to 500m, increasing by 100% each time.

Failing to abide by the retirement policy does not grant you warns, as the deposit is separate from the deposit you are required to pay at the 21 total warns milestone.

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