These are a set of guidelines that you should follow while doing games in #cwexperts. Fail to oblige by these rules and you may be temporarily or permanently banned.

1. No Drama

You’re doing Castle Wars with friends and others, even if you don’t like them just keep the chat light without huge arguments. The requirement is already long enough, do not make it worse for yourself and others. Don’t be a jerk and you won’t get to see the wrath of Abdel.

2. New Members

I understand you are new but once you’ve done a few games, you are expected to learn how to lead and salt. You will not leech your way to your requirement, you are bound to get picked eventually. Nobody should pass a role with the excuse that they are “new” unless they are literally fresh off the boat new.

3. Too Busy Can’t Lead/Salt

Sometimes you can be really busy like really so busy that you can’t do any roles, which is fine. Although, I sometimes don’t get some people’s definition of busy when I used to do roles while studying for my exams. But if you really can’t, then there’s no problem at all but if you use this excuse frequently then you will be called out for for leeching. There shouldn’t be anyone who ALWAYS has an excuse for passing a role and everyone has to do it at some point.

If you are already salt and you get picked to lead, you are supposed to lead and pick a new salt. Do not pass lead just because you ‘already have a role’. The game cannot keep going without a lead, if you are able and you are already salting, you will take the lead and instantly pick a new salt. Same thing applies when ETing, if you’re an ET salt and you get picked to salt or lead, you take that role and pick someone else to replace you.

4. Messing Up

If you mess up something, like not calling unlobby or hop world in time, it happens. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you deliberately do mistakes to not do a specific role then you will be called out for it. And if you are having a hard time, don’t just pass the role if you don’t know what to do, you should learn how to do it properly because everyone else can.

Leave the roles to the people who are given the roles, for example if someone calls hop world a few seconds late, there shouldn’t be tons of members trying to call hop world at the same time instead of the lead. So unless the lead/salt are completely AFK or disconnected after a whole minute has passed, do not call yourself. Since this doesn’t apply to unlobbying, you have almost a full minute to unlobby so remember the lead still has to get into the game before calling which may take a few seconds. Stop panicing and please let the people who are given the roles do them.

As for members who constantly argue and rage at others for delaying the game for up to a few seconds to a minute, it’s really unnecessary and you should refer to Rule #1 about this. A few seconds won’t kill you since mistakes happen sometimes, for example if someone was late or if someone disconnected.

5. CwExperts Friends Chat

You must always have your alternate account in the CwExperts friends chat. This is helpful for people who are joining the friends chat to see if games are running, for halfops+ to see which alts are not hopping to the next world, and for people to easily quick-hop on the lead’s alt. Main accounts are only required to be in the friends chat during Spotlight or if there are crashers present.