These are the general rules for playing Castle Wars games with #CwExperts. If you are unable to follow these most basic rules, you will most likely be warned and/or removed immediately by a staff member in accordance with our warning system found here:

If you are looking for more specific rules, check out the pages linked below:

Gameplay Rules

1. Always be present in all #CwExperts channels while you are playing games

  • You must always be connected to the SwiftIRC channels #cwexperts and #cwexperts1
  • You must always be present in the CwExperts Friends Chat on both your main and alt accounts
  • You must always be online in the #CwExperts Discord server with both the “#CwExperts” and “Active Members” roles

This is the most important rule as we must know where you are and what you are doing at all times while you are playing Castle Wars games with #CwExperts.

2. Do not leech by not using your alt to help games

You must always be using your alt account to help games progress. Games do not run smoothly if there is not the correct ratio of main accounts to alt accounts. If you are new and are not sure what to do, read the instructions on our how to play page here:, or ask a staff member for additional help.

3. Do not skip roles just to avoid doing them

Everyone will have to do roles eventually, and CWEBot randomly assigns them via the role commands, so it’s only fair that you do a role when you’re picked. You may also not pass on the lead role if you have another role, you must accept the lead role and assign the other roles as needed. You may only pass on a role if you’ve already done a role for a substantial amount of time that day and you absolutely must focus on other things besides RuneScape, or if someone else volunteers to do the role for you.

4. Always use your Castle Wars preset when you are notified that there may be crashers

If you or anyone else believes that there may be crashers at Castle Wars on any world, you must withdraw your Castle Wars preset before you enter the next game. Even if you’re not great at playing Castle Cars, this allows you to contribute to the effort of stopping any crashers that may join your games. Once the crashers have been dealt with, you must continue using your preset for at least an hour, however it is recommended that you always bring your preset into Castle Wars games.

Chat Rules

1. Do not spam channels with chat or bot commands

You must not spam any #CwExperts channel to the point where you disrupt chat or games. This includes the repeated use of bot commands, and repeatedly posting the same content.

2. Do not use any language other than English

You must only use English when chatting while playing with #CwExperts or in any #CwExperts channel. Languages other than English are considered spam as the majority of members will not be able to understand it.

3. Do not advertise other RuneScape groups

You must not advertise any RuneScape clans or groups which are not related to or partnered with #CwExperts while playing with #CwExperts or in any #CwExperts channel. However, you are free to shit talk any other groups, specifically those which play Castle Wars.

4. Do not cause any drama

You must not cause any drama. Not everyone who plays castle wars will enjoy it. In fact, many people will be dreading their time spent here, so keep things friendly and if you have a problem with someone, private message a staff member about it first. Don’t be a jerk, and you won’t get to see the wrath of Abdel.

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