Castle Wars is spotlighted every few weeks. To see when, visit here or check your in-game minigame spotlight tracker.

Playing Castle Wars on spotlight is now by far the most efficient and popular method, which means there can be large numbers of people playing at once. This is also the peak time for crashers to be hunting you down. Therefore there are extra rules and mandatory precautions during spotlight only.

Spotlight rules apply to BOTH main and alt accounts:

  1. You must have your private chat completely OFF at all times
  2. You must be in cwexperts friend chat at all times
  3. You must leave OR lock your clan chats
  4. You must leave your guest clan chats
  5. You must leave your groups

It is very likely that crashers will still find your worlds even with these precautions – refer to the anti-crashing guide for the required protocol about how to deal with crashers and how to prevent them from losing you tickets.

Zero tolerance with role-avoiding and AFKing

During the spotlight it is expected that everyone pays attention and does their roles at an acceptable speed. If you are chosen for a role you must do said role until you leave games, or for a period of time decided by a halfop+. It’s more fair to take turns doing roles especially with so many people where it’s not necessary for one person to do a role throughout the whole spotlight.

Everyone’s time is worth more during the spotlight and if you are causing games to be slowed down then a halfop+ has the right to temp ban you for 24 hours.

#cwexperts2 second IRC channel

Since so many people play during the spotlight, it may be difficult for halfops+ to keep games running smoothly.

When there are 15 or more players at once, a halfop+ may decide to split the group and have them join #cwexperts2 channel for separate games. At least 10 players must always remain in #cwexperts1 channel during a split so ETing can continue. 5 or more players may volunteer to start games in #cwexperts2 or a halfop+ will select players. If either channel requires new players to continue games then a halfop+ will select who to join which channel.

Once there are less than 15 players total between both channels a halfop+ may merge both channels and have games continue as normal.