Change Log: July 18th, 2018

  • Added the change log blog to document progress
  • Added the retirement page including a Discord guide and the retirement policy
  • Updated the general rules page with new rules and links to other rules pages
  • Removed a redundancy in the warning system on the management page
  • Changed “!joinnow” to “!joinNow” for clarity
  • Added a copyright tag
  • Added .jamesgunn to the cwebot command list
  • Completed the how to anti-crash page
  • Updated the how to join page with more information about the requirements
  • Updated the spotlight calendar with more future dates


  • Updated the .rules links
  • Fixed the .guides links
  • Updated .add to give more specific instructions for different ranks
  • Updated .pentoggle to replace unnecessary text with function
  • Changed “!joinnow” to “!joinNow” for clarity
  • Added .jamesgunn for the likely-pedophile’s tweets
  • Updated .left with more responses and video links
  • Updated .addalt to inform new members that they have been added to the database
  • Updated many random/fun commands to reduce the length of responses

#CwExperts Discord:

  • Added the #information channel for basic #CwExperts information and links
  • Added the #social_media channel for all social media posts
  • Added the #roles channel for role changes
  • Added the #retirement channel for the retirement policy
  • Invited the TypicalBot bot to allow role changes

One Response to Change Log: July 18th, 2018

  1. The recent site changes and individual page updates make the site much more appealing to navigate and use 10/10 🙂