Change Log: July 24th, 2018

  • Updated the title, slug, and formatting for the retirement page
  • Updated the how to play page with more accurate information and additional tips
  • Added .tick, .support, .ahhheck, .lonelyisland, .tiddy, .jebrim, and .tnf to the CWEBot command list
  • Added the support us page including donation and partnership information
  • Added the events page to display official #CwExperts events
  • Added .set event EVENT_HERE and .event to the runescript command list
  • Updated the general rules page to include a link to the support us page
  • Changed the header image to our new banner
  • Changed the color scheme to green
  • Added more widgets including artwork, authors, posts, and comments
  • Created a backup of the entire site
  • Updated the how to join page to include a missing step
  • Added /whois NICKNAME and /cs info CHANNEL_HERE to the official SwiftIRC command list


  • Added .tick for notifying members that the game ticked
  • Added .ahhheck, .lonelyisland, .tiddy, .jebrim, and .tnf as random/fun commands
  • Fixed .join and .joinNow to prevent them being used with an attached message
  • Fixed .add to correctly add to the staff channel and changed the order of the instructions
  • Fixed .sisman to respond correctly with no attached message
  • Updated .hanna as requested by hanna
  • Removed a response from .melad
  • Added .support to link to the support us and events website pages
  • Updated .rumy with another response
  • Updated .join and .add to provide more clear and concise instructions

#cwexperts SwiftIRC

  • Updated all channel information including description, entry message, url, and email

#CwExperts Discord:

  • Added the “Supporters” role for donors and partners
  • Added the exclusive #supporters channel for donors and partners
  • Updated the topic in the #events and #cwexperts_staff channels


  • Achieved 150 total level on the account “CwExperts” to allow it to join the Friends Chat