We occasionally host events where you can be rewarded for helping #CwExperts by contributing your time to recruit new members, or by sharing your creative ideas and work. The purpose of these events is to spread awareness of #CwExperts and to recruit as many new members as possible. Everyone is welcome to participate in these events, meaning you do not have to be a member of #CwExperts as long as that would not break any of #CwExperts’ rules.

The events we host are either giveaways or competitions, and they usually take place around the time of the spotlight on Castle Wars. Our current events as well as our previous events are shown below, along with the rules you must follow for participating in any event. You may also discuss the current events in the #events channel on the #CwExperts Discord server.

If you are interested in supporting our events, you may donate to increase the prize pools. If you would like to know more about how to support #CwExperts and the events that we host, read our support us page found here:

Event Rules

There are some basic rules for our events to make them more fun and fair to everyone involved. Failing to abide by the event rules does not grant you warns, as the events are not restricted to #CwExperts members. However, doing so may result in you being banned from participating, and guests may be removed from the #CwExperts Discord server.

1. One Entry Per Giveaway

You must not enter a giveaway multiple times, including creating new accounts to enter under a different name. This rule does not apply if a giveaway specifies that you may enter more than once.

1. Do Not Cheat

You must not attempt to gain an advantage in any event by using any other prohibited method, including dissuading other people from entering to give yourself a better chance at winning.

Current Events

All of our current and planned events will be displayed here with all relevant information, including the rules and prizes available. You should also check the #CwExperts Twitter as events may be tweeted about before they are posted to our other channels.

  • TITLE: Twitter Giveaway
  • INFO: Follow + retweet + tag a friend
  • DATE: n/a
  • RULES: One entry per participant, tagged friend must not already be a #CwExperts member
  • PRIZES: n/a
  • TITLE: Recruitment Competition
  • INFO: Recruit the most new members
  • DATE: n/a
  • RULES: All recruits must learn to play before competition ends
  • PRIZES: n/a
  • TITLE: Best Forum Post
  • INFO: Create the most convincing forum post for a Castle Wars group
  • DATE: n/a
  • RULES: n/a
  • PRIZES: n/a

Previous Events

All of our previous events will be archived here with as much information as possible, including all winners.

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