Here you will find many frequently asked questions about #CwExperts, mostly pertaining to those who wish to join. If you have any other questions about #CwExperts which you are unable to find the answer to on our website, please contact a staff member and explain in detail what information you are trying to find and where you have already looked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I breaking the Rules of RuneScape by playing games with #CwExperts?

A. No, you are not. Our games do not violate the rules as we do not rig the results with our alternative accounts, we simply use our alts to start a new world while our mains are busy on the previous world.

Q. Why do I have to use SwiftIRC/why can’t I just use Discord?

A. You must use SwiftIRC because CWEBot is written for IRC – we do not have a fully functioning CWEBot for Discord. It is also much easier to assign ranks and highlight users on SwiftIRC than it is on Discord, making the overall experience much smoother.

Q. Why don’t you write a bot for Discord instead of SwiftIRC?

A. It is not as easy as it sounds, as CWEBot is very intelligent and has received updates since 2013, way before Discord was created. We also do not have the time to script or oversee the creation of a new bot.

Q. Can other users see my IP address on SwiftIRC?

A. Other users may be able to view your IP address on SwiftIRC if you connect using qwebirc. We highly recommend downloading an IRC client which provides IP protection, such as HexChat.

Q. My alternative account is not level 90+ combat, can I still join #CwExperts?

A. If your alt is close to level 90 combat you will most likely be able to join, although our staff members make decisions like this on a case-by-case basis.

Q. I am a skiller, can I still join #CwExperts?

A. Yes you can! In fact, the lower the combat level your main account is, the more beneficial it is for our games. Your alt may also be lower than level 90 combat, appropriate to the combat level of your main.

Q. My account(s) are ironmen, am I able to play games with #CwExperts?

A. Yes you are! Ironmen are able to play Castle Wars games with non-ironmen accounts.

Q. Can I recruit my friend(s) to #CwExperts?

A. Yes you can! All new members must complete the how to join steps, so you should refer them to our how to join page here: https://cwexperts.org/how-to-join/.

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