#CwExperts has policies in place to ensure that the rules will always be enforced, and to appropriately punish the members who do not comply.

Ranks & Permissions

You will have different ranks and different permissions depending on your status as a member.

Normal Members

All new members start off with access to the same channels along with the same ranks. These permissions will remain the same for the duration of your time spent with #CwExperts, unless they are revoked by a staff member.

  • SwiftIRC channels: #cwexperts1, #cwexperts2 – Voice rank (+, blue on Colloquy & HexChat)
  • Discord channels: #cwexperts_games1, #cwexperts_games2 – #CwExperts role
  • Friends Chat: CwExperts – Lieutenant rank (main), Not ranked (alt)
  • Website: – access to member-only information
  • Twitter: @CwExperts – follow back if requested

Staff Members

All staff members have access to additional channels along with higher ranks than normal members. It is very rare that any staff member is ever ranked up to the highest position of operator.

  • SwiftIRC channels: #cwexperts.staff – Halfop rank (%, yellow on Colloquy, teal on HexChat) or Operator rank (@, red on Colloquy, green on HexChat)
  • Discord channels: #cwexperts_staff – #CwExperts Staff role
  • Friends Chat: CwExperts – Captain rank or General rank (main), Recruit rank (alt)
  • Website: – access to staff-only information
  • Twitter: @CwExperts – follow back + shoutout if requested
  • YouTube: /CwExperts – recommended channel if requested

All staff members also have the ability to utilize all staff-only CWEBot commands, as well as other SwiftIRC commands restricted to halfop+. These commands are described in red text on our bot commands page here:

Staff Member Responsibilities

All normal members have the opportunity to become a staff member. It is strictly the decision of the current staff members to decide who deserves the responsibilities shared among all staff members.

These are the expectations and responsibilities of all staff members – the same tasks are also recommended for aspiring staff members:

  • Recruit new members and advertise #CwExperts
  • Help new members join and get set up in all channels
  • Teach new members how to play games
  • Enforce the rules and utilize the warning system
  • Volunteer to take roles and lead games
  • Be knowledgeable of Castle Wars mechanics and CWEBot commands
  • Monitor other member’s behavior and recommend members for staff positions
  • Be kind and respectful

If you are a staff member and at any time you do not think you can uphold the responsibilities for the position, please ask to be deranked by a higher staff member.

Warning System

All staff members are able to utilize the warning system that is part of CWEBot. This tracks the lifetime warns that every member has received, which in turn can be used to hand out punishments relevant to the number of warns. For more information on how to use the warning system, check out the list of CWEBot commands on our bot commands page here:

When a warn is handed out, the staff member responsible for handing out the warn must inform the member who is being warned on the exact reason for said warn. You may receive a warn from a staff member for any of the reasons below – this also applies to staff members themselves, and it may result in them losing their rank:

The number of warns you have determines how severe of action can be taken against you by a staff member. The punishments for reaching certain warn milestones are listed below. You may find a list of all members who have 21 or 25 total warns on our blacklists page here:

  • Every 3 warns: You will receive a 24 hour temporary ban
  • Every 9 warns: You will receive a 72 hour temporary ban
  • 21 total warns: You must make a 500m deposit to continue playing games after your 24 hour temporary ban; you will receive this deposit back when you have finished playing games if you have 24 or less total warns
  • 25 total warns: You will be permanently banned and you will not receive your deposit back

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