There are precautions we must take in order for our members to feel safe for the duration of their time spent with #CwExperts, whether it is to help minimize drama between members, or lower potential risks associated with boosting and multi-logging minigames. However, there are also rules you must follow in regards to the privacy of our other members.

Your Information Is Protected

#CwExperts stores all registered member’s information securely in our database. We will never disclose any of this information, either during or after your use of #CwExperts. It is entirely your decision whether you publicize your own personal information:

  • registered SwiftIRC nickname
  • Discord username
  • main RSN
  • alt RSN(s)
  • join date
  • leave date
  • member status
  • number of games played
  • warns count

Privacy Rules

1. You must not discuss anything related to #CwExperts using any of RuneScape’s chat features while playing games

All chat within RuneScape is saved in chat logs and can be used as evidence against you, therefore you must not discuss #CwExperts in RuneScape and instead use our member-only SwiftIRC and Discord channels. You are free to discuss other topics as well as general Castle Wars gameplay, however, any mention of #CwExperts, including our methods and our member-only information, is strictly prohibited while playing games.

2. You must not make public anything within any of the member-only #CwExperts channels

This includes all restricted information, and all chat between members in all member-only #CwExperts channels.

3. You must not make public any Castle Wars games played with #CwExperts

This includes taking screenshots, recording videos, or live streaming any of the Castle Wars games you play with #CwExperts.

4. You must not leak any of the active game worlds to anyone who does not have access to #CwExperts

This includes leaking worlds to people who have been temporarily or permanently banned, as well as crashers.

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