Playing Castle Wars games during the spotlight has become the most common way for players to complete their Castle Wars goals, especially for #CwExperts members. Below you will find much information regarding the spotlight, including the spotlight specific rules, the amount of time you will save via earning thaler during the spotlight, as well as our custom spotlight calendar which displays all of the dates that the spotlight will be on Castle Wars.

Spotlight Rules

Many players wish to not only play games, but to join #CwExperts during the spotlight on Castle Wars. Therefore, there are additional rules that you must follow during this time so that games may continue to run smoothly.

1. Turn off all your chats in RuneScape

  • You must have your private chats OFF
  • You must leave OR lock your clan chats
  • You must leave your guest clan chats
  • You must leave your groups

It is very likely that crashers will find your worlds during the spotlight, even by taking these precautions. By following this rule you greatly increase the chance that your games will not be interrupted by crashers. However, if the case is that crashers do find your worlds, you must follow the required protocol for dealing with crashers – you can find this restricted information on our how to anti-crash page here:

2. Zero tolerance in regards to AFKing and avoiding roles

During the spotlight it is expected that everyone pays more attention. If you are causing games to be slowed down, any staff member has the right to warn you, and consequently temporarily or permanently remove you in accordance with our warning system found here: It is also more fair to take turns doing roles during this time, especially with so many active members where it’s not necessary for one member to do a role throughout the whole spotlight. This does not mean you may pass on roles – it is up to the staff members to make sure that everyone does their fair share of work.

3. #cwexperts2 SwiftIRC channel

When there are 15 or more members playing at once in #cwexperts1, a staff member may decide to split the group and ask some members to join #cwexperts2 for separate games. At least 10 members must always remain in #cwexperts1 during a split, so that early ticking may continue.

If either #cwexperts1 or #cwexperts2 require more members to continue games, any staff member may move any member to where they are needed. Once there are less than 15 members total between both SwiftIRC channels, a staff member may merge the channels and have games continue as normal in #cwexperts1.

Thaler Calculations

While you play minigames during the spotlight, you will receive additional thaler that you would not normally  receive if you play off the spotlight. Thanks to Chippy, the image below shows you how much time you will save by playing Castle Wars games during the spotlight. You can compare the amount of thaler earned throughout completing your trim requirement with all of the most popular Castle Wars methods.

The time you save with the thaler you earn by playing with #CwExperts is significantly less than that of even 23 minute win-only games, and this is because you spend much less time overall playing with #CwExperts which directly reduces the amount of thaler you will earn from completing your Castle Wars goals.

Spotlight Rotation

Our custom spotlight calendar shows all of the upcoming spotlights for Castle Wars. The dates for the most immediate spotlights are also shown on the left column of all our website pages.

You may add this calendar to your personal Google Calendar so that you can be reminded of all upcoming spotlights for Castle Wars.

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