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The #CwExperts organization operates free of charge, however the maintenance of our systems and the work of our staff members costs much time. If you would like to donate to support what we do, or spread awareness of our services, there are many options you can partake in described below.


There are many ways you can donate to help #CwExperts, and your donations will go directly to improving and maintaining  all #CwExperts content. If you wish to donate, please contact any staff member. However, if you wish to donate via PayPal you must contact Abdel or Dxnxex7, and details will be provided when necessary. All donors will receive the “Supporters” role and access to the exclusive #supporters channel on the #CwExperts Discord server, and the top 10 donors of all time will also be added to the list of top donors.

Donate Directly

#CwExperts will accept almost any donation, but the items listed below are the most useful ways you can contribute. All direct donations are non-refundable, however if you want a refund you should still request one as it may be possible.

  • RuneScape gold
  • Old School RuneScape gold
  • Money via PayPal
  • Accounts of any combat level with membership
  • Bonds to gift membership to other member’s accounts
  • Castle Wars artwork
  • Written or recorded Castle Wars guides or tips

You also have the option to contribute to the official #CwExperts events that we host, where all of your donations will be placed in the prize pool for others to win. If you would like to know more about our current events, read our events page found here:

Purchasable Benefits

You may donate to #CwExperts and get rewarded for doing so by using one of the methods listed below! All purchasable benefits are non-refundable in all circumstances.

  • Permanent Role Skip: 500m or $50 – You have the ability to always skip roles; expires if member status is removed
  • No Alt Required: 5m or ¢50 – You are not required to use an alternative account for 1 Castle Wars game; may be purchased in bulk
  • Simple CWEBot Command: 50m or $5 – You may help design one simple CWEBot command
  • Complex CWEBot Command: ?m or $? – You may help design one complex CWEBot command; price is variable based on time to code

Top Donors

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated to #CwExperts! The top 10 donors of all time are displayed below. “*” indicates that a donation was used for an event.

  1. Dxnxex7 – 600m* – pending
  2. Ahh heck – 100m* – confirmed

Partnership Program

Our partnership program is a great way to support #CwExperts, and it’s completely free! By joining the program, both your brand and the #CwExperts organization will be exposed to new people, benefitting both parties. We also encourage you to recommend our partnership program to other services that you believe will be a good fit. All successful partners will receive the “Supporters” role and access to the exclusive #supporters channel on the #CwExperts Discord server.

If you own a Discord server or another service which meets our requirements listed below and would like to partner with #CwExperts, please message a staff member to discuss the specifics of the partnership agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all partnership requests that meet the requirements will be accepted, as our partnerships are decided on a case-by-case basis. We also have the right to drop partners that we feel no longer match the criteria required for our partnership program, without prior notice.

Partnership Requirements

The requirements for our partnership program are listed below, and these help to ensure us that your service will be suitable to advertise on the #CwExperts platforms.

  • Must be related to RuneScape or Old School RuneScape
  • Must be relatively active or have a reasonable amount of dedicated members
  • Must not be a Castle Wars group (due to conflict of interest)

Partnership Terms

By partnering with #CwExperts, you will be required to advertise our services on your platforms, and you can expect us to advertise your services in the ways described below. These are only the most basic terms and further negotiations of the partnership agreement may result in more.

Active Partners

Congratulations to all members of our partnership program, check them out!

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